Designer Adéla Mitrengová strongly believes in the principle of quality over quantity. In her hands, minimalist, but characteristic pieces are created at Ademi. When designing handbags, concepts of variability and modularity are important to Adéla, so that each Ademi handbag can be enjoyed as much as possible.

The handbags are sewn from first-class Italian Gruppo Mastrotto leather, meeting high demands for sustainability, and they are created near Šumava. The newest collection at ADEMI, presented at September’s Czech Design Week, is Candy Shop. It playfully combines loose shapes and the most delicious sugary colors. The Milkshake Tote bag, Dessert bag in the shape of a roll with whipped cream or Muffin case all the essentials.



Fabrikken 2-4 dec 2022
Designmarked: København 23.-24. marts Designmarked: Aarhus 13. - 14. april