Bosworth Studio

Polly Bosworth is a British artist and graphic designer who moved to Copenhagen in 2013, pursuing a dream wanting to make something out of her life. Along the way she has found appreciation and success in the form of having been displayed internationally in multiple group exhibitions the likes of The Growlery in San Francisco for Girls Are Awesome andÊ the Affenfaust in Hamburg. She works with both digital and printed mediums & has strived to find balance and harmony between the two, ultimately, defining who she is and the work she creates.

Dedicating herself to that age old mantra of, trying and draw every day, Polly has developed a style that is wholly unique: not quite illustration, not quite design, but somewhere in the middle where caricature and story meet gradient and grid. In talking to her, she doesn’t like classifying herself as either gallery artist or designer, as she often entertains the notion of being both and neither at the same times: that translating into she doesn’t think about it that much.

Drawing inspiration from daily adventure, or lack thereof, her work idealises the mundane and the ordinary and folds it into a style that would look as good on a greeting card as it would on a 3-meter canvas in a museum. Her work exists in a perfect nest between illustrative and digital. Not digital enough to be seen as purely style over substance, but over illustrative as to the only function in physical mediums. It has the flexibility to work in carefully selected colour palettes or simple monochrome, without diminishing the story being told through her characters. Hand-print it and frame it, or surround it with copy, her work would be equally as fitting and beautiful in either scenario.



København, København 10-11 November 2018, København 16-17 Februar 2019