From slow-living on the danish countryside to busy copenhagen

Dausimo emerged early 2021 based on creativity, high ambitions and a sustainable mindset.

We, the three women behind dausimo, are all born and raised in the danish countryside and we have a common ambition of creating something unique, long-lasting and exclusive. together we started dausimo – a jewellery brand for generations. Motivated by slow living where nature and natural materials are in focus, combined with the elegance of everyday life and influenced by the vibe of busy copenhagen we create exclusive designs and durable products.

We want to move the focus from fast fashion and trend items to long-lasting products that are not only a trend, but a better choice for lifetime. We hope that you – all the daughters, sisters and mothers – will benefit and appreciate it. 



Aarhuus 12-13 November 2022, Fabrikken 2-4 dec 2022, København 22-23 Oktober 2022, København 5-6 marts 2022