Drops by Samira

Samira has always loved candy. When she was a child, she boiled sweets with her grandmother. When she was a little older, she boiled the sweets on her own, and later the entire family joined in. Driven by Samira’s long-time passion and dedication, we have worked with her to develop the products we are proud to offer our customers today.
Our goal is to entirely re-invent the boiled sweet, otherwise known as hard candy. Our starting point is taste. Taste is the most important thing. But we also have an eye for all the other details of the experience – the smell, the consistency, the colour and the packaging are all important for us. We love to delight our customers with a little piece of pure luxury – every time.
We base everything on the tradition for handmade boiled sweets, which we are constantly developing. We use only carefully chosen basic ingredients and never cut corners on them. Actually we’re very generous when it comes to taste. That’s how we create our unique, intense taste universe. We also don’t compromised on the aesthetics. We only launch a new product when we can’t imagine that it could taste any better, look any better, or be any more beautifully packaged. It takes more time to make that happen, but we’re happy to take that time. Perfection always takes time.


Axel Towers 14-16 December 2018, København 10-11 November 2018, Øksnehallen 25-26 August 2018