EllyGado creates beautiful and colorful artworks focusing on recycling. The artist has a great desire to recycle and transform everyday materials into small artworks with new life.

Each poster starts with a with different clippings that slowly transforms into a new universe. Many of the artworks are characterized by quirky existences and powerful totem animals.

The collage is then photographed and digitized. The colors and formate is adjusted, so that the finale artwork is ready for print.

The posters are printed professionally on 180 g quality matte surface paper. The quality of the print guarantees the strong colors to be preserved for a lifetime.

Each artwork is only printed in 200 pieces. The posters are numbered and signed by the artist.




København 7-8 marts 2020
Aarhus 24. - 25. September 2022 København 22. - 23. Oktober 2022