Emma Ekstam Illustration

My name is Emma Ekstam, and I live and work as an illustrator and image-maker in beautiful Copenhagen. I have my studio out at Refshaleøen in the creative collective Skabelonoftet. The majority of my work is done by hand, for the simple reason that it gives me more pleasure than working on a computer. I enjoy working with analogue printing techniques, such as intaglio printing and linoleum cuts, for the surfaces and structures it provides on the paper. I enjoy painting for the depths of the colours when layers get stacked on top of each other, and I enjoy drawing for the mediums mixture of control and surprise. The analogue image-making is providing something unexpected and rewarding in a way that the digital doesn’t for me. Long story short, I work to create things that I find interesting and fulfilling on a variety of levels, and I’m hoping this will lead me in a positive direction.


København 10-11 November 2018, København 24-25 august 2019