Gokce Art

Gökçe Tercioğlu, 21, has experience with many different mediums in art – particularly Turkish marble art in the last 7 years. She creates her paintings on water surface. Once a piece is done it cannot be imitated again as water is very sensitive. Along with this, it’s amazing how every material used for this art is available in nature. Its organic nature is what made Gökçe fall in love with this special art. Realizing people’s interest in her art, Gökçe started her own company “Gokce Art”. She sells her original paintings and high quality prints of her limited work. After exposing her artwork for the first time at age 18, Gökçe had her first solo exhibition in Copenhagen this September. She is now preparing for her next exhibition in Sweden. She showcased her art technique live for the first time for the attendees of FindersKeepers and will again in November. Her goal in the future is to bring two of her passions together by introducing her art with her architectural background.


København 24-25 august 2019, København 5-6 marts 2022, København 9-10 November 2019
Designmarked: København 17. - 18. juni - Køb billet her Designmarked: Aarhus 10. - 11. juni - Køb billet her