Hysteria Objects

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HYSTERIA is a Copenhagen based workshop and design studio founded by architect Pil Whitta.

Pil is driven by the urge to create, sense and give form with her own hands, making both sculptural and functional objects. In her work she wishes to challenge the way we produce and manufacture design objects today. The detachment between design and production creates an inherent distance in the object it self, where ideas and intangible imagination never really touch the actual making of the physical objects. At HYSTERIA, Pil’s mind shapes the ideas and her hands build the shapes.

At HYSTERIA all objects are designed and carefully crafted by Pil at her Copenhagen workshop

She is devoted to simplicity and honesty – both in an aesthetic perspective and in how she works. Her fascination with joinery and construction is an ever present source of inspiration, creating frank and quirky objects with visible details and a minimalistic expression.



København 22-23 Oktober 2022
Designmarked: København 25.-26. maj