Meadow Ceramics

Caroline Arnecke creates ceramics in a small-batch studio under the name “Meadow Ceramics”. Meadow Ceramics is for those who love handmade and authentic boho chic home décor. Caroline makes unique ceramic pieces in stoneware and porcelain which are distributed and sold all over the world. She is obsessed with making things grow, creating with only her hands and a back-to-basics approach with natural materials. She is driven by a desire to create and believes that the spirit of the artist will always be present in a finished piece.

She wants her pieces to evoke positive emotions and inspire you to live a life where you surround yourself with genuine materials and meaningful, beautiful things. She believes that our environment has a large impact on how we feel and how we act, and her mission is to raise awareness about what we let into our lives and how we create our own story. Starting with unique pieces made with her own two hands, and a loving attention to detail, she wants to contribute to this movement of passion, love for our homes and respect for the Earth – with nature’s own materials embedded in unique ceramic pieces that she hopes will touch your heart.



Designmarked: København 31. august - 01. september Designmarked: Aarhus 28.-29. september