Sanna fo

Sanna fo is a Swedish design company, creating sterling silver jewellery. The design is urban,
innovative and minimalistic where softness meets the sharp and edgy. It challenges both
how you wear jewelleries and the concept of it. Sanna fo love the uniqueness in people and
are inspired by their stories of life choices, with this in mind they’ve created the collections
My Shape and Fo Linked.

My Shape is a playful and creative collection that allows you to mix and match different
pieces of the collection. Start off with a small minimalistic earring, add bigger pieces to
transform it into a statement look, or use the pieces as charms for necklaces and bracelets.
All to suit your personal style and mood throughout the day, and to bring out your own

Fo Linked is the collection based on chains and plays with the though that we’re all linked.
The collection attracts attention and initiates interesting conversations, wear the signature
earlace ”Sanna” and you’ll see for your self!


København 16-17 Februar 2019