The Collection 23

The Collection23 love curated beautiful objects for life. Art and sustainability is our passion. They aim to bring you a unique and exclusive selection of photography, sculpture, screen print and illustration.

The idea behind the collection started during our annual visit to The Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition in London. Walking around the Royal Academy’s impressive rooms, they came to realise that their shared roots and love for urban meets nature could be an inspiring environment for a collection of Unique pieces.

They have both lived in London for many years and love exactly this eclectic mix of the diversity and trends coming together to create an inspiring environment.Having now both chosen to return to our native Copenhagen, we hope to bridge elements of urban and the rural life ( city meets countryside) and bring you a collection of pieces and objects from around the globe for your home.

Their backgrounds in art are very different and so is the way they express themselves. Stine is a photographer & creative consultant with a Ba (hons) in photography from UAL London and Marika is an illustrator and painter (Engelsholm).




København 5-6 marts 2022