Exhibitor Information Øksnehallen

Below you will find all information and practicalities you need to be aware of about FindersKeepers Designmarket at Øksnehallen in Copenhagen. It is very important that you read it all carefully 🤓

If you have any questions you are welcome to contact us at booking@finderskeepers.dk

We look forward to welcoming you!!
Love from the FindersKeepers team


Did you read the FindersKeepers Handbook? – here we give you all our tips and tricks for you to have the best experience from planning and preparing to following up.



We put a large effort into attracting a lot of design interested guests to the markets, both through our social media channels, around the city, and by inviting press, bloggers, stylists and professional buyers.

We will however get much more out of it, if you join us in spreading the message. Use the event as an opportunity to activate your own communication channels and create awareness of both your brand and the market. The more guests we can attract together, the larger success you will have!


In order for us to feature your brand on our website, we need you to upload materials to us here: https://finderskeepers.dk/ansog-om-stand/upload-materiale/

We also offer PR-package with direct promotion of your brand on our other communication channels Facebook/Instagram/newsletter. Contact us at booking@finderskeepers.dk to request more information.


Invite your contacts to our Facebook event tell about your participation on Facebook and Instagram – this way you help increase online visibility of both your brand and the market.

You will find the Facebook-event here.

On Instagram please tag us @finderskeepersdk and use the hashtag #FINDERSKEEPERSDK – then we can find you and tag your profile.


Your participation in FindersKeepers is a great occasion to meet existing your customers and network. If you invite just 10 guests, and all the other  designers do the same, we quickly add 100s more guests!


A visually appealing booth attracts more customers, makes your brand look more professional, and helps ensure a high overall standard at the market. For this reason your booth must live up to the following requirements.


We expect that your booth lives up to the visual material your have provided. Think of your booth as a pop-up shop, where you customize your ‘boutique’ to match your designs and the visual experience you want to create. It should look great and not like a flea-market or outlet.


Your booth set-up must be kept within the marked floor space and maximum 210 cm tall.


It is important that you consider how you will handle your product stock. Having cardboard boxes ect. visible ruins the visual expression of your booth, makes it less attractive, and can make it look ‘cheap’. So think about how you can integrate your stock in a way where it isn’t visible.


Due to fire safety and booth placement we ask that you let us know at booking@finderskeepers.dk if you bring your own display walls. They must be solidly built to ensure safety, and of neutral colour, such as black, white, grey or wood. They should also be nice from all angles, so that e.g. the backside is also nice and doesn’t ruin the look of the neighbour booth. If you don’t have your own display walls, you can rent them through us.


If you’re selling clothes it is a good idea to bring one or more clothing rails. The rails should be nice, mono-coloured and we recommend not using cheap-looking telescoping rails.


You are more than welcome to bring tables for presenting your products. However, we recommend that you think more creatively and consider if there are other and more interesting ways you can show your products. Use a tablecloth, if the table isn’t in itself part of the exhibition, and make sure it is freshly ironed and reaches the floor. If you have chairs we recommend you to use them as little as possible, as sitting down is less engaging for the guests. Tables and chairs can be rented through us.


Generally we don’t allow roll-ups, as we often find they detract from the visual appeal. For security reasons, all textile banners have to be fire retardant.


FindersKeepers is not an outlet. We believe that you as designers deserve to be paid full price for your products. For this reason, it is not allowed to sell products at strongly discounted prices. We do however acknowledge that it may work well in a sales situation, if you can make customer feel they’re making a good deal. It is thus allowed to use sales techniques, such as having selected products at special ‘FindersKeepers prices’, giving a special ‘FindersKeepers discount’ (max. 20%) etc.


Did you remember to order display walls, tables, chairs, clothing rails or power outlets? If not, then send us an email at booking@finderskeepers.dk.

If stock allows it, there may be some accessories available for rent when you arrive – but note that we cannot guarantee it.


We recommend everyone bringing graphic prints, illustrations etc. to use display walls – it is much more attractive than exhibiting your artworks lying flat on a table. If you’re not bringing your own, we offer the opportunity for you to rent display walls from us. They are 2.2 meters high and produced in black MDF. The material is thick and sturdy and, as something new, it tolerates Blue-black. Nails and pins are still a no-go, but S-hooks and a thin cord, chain, line etc. can be used when mounting e.g. frames.


You and your booth HAS to be ready by 10.30am Saturday, where we open the market for the guests. From this time the exhibitor-entrance will be closed off, so it is very important that you’re all set and ready in the hall at 10.30am. Guests who bought tickets online will be entering the market from 10.45am.


FRIDAY 14.30-19.30
SATURDAY 08.00-10.30

If you haven’t arrived and checked-in before 10.15am Saturday morning you will loose your exhibition booth. In this case, we may re-arrange the exhibition area and give your space to another designer to ensure the integrity of the market. You will not be refunded in case of a late-show or no-show.

Once again we would like to remind you, that the space ‘Den Rå Hal’ is – as the name implies in Danish – a raw room. This means that you should be aware that your booth may have wooden beams, wires, pipes etc. If you order a booth which includes the walls of the building, note that they can be made of either concrete, steel or plaster depending on where your booth will be.

During night time the hall will be locked, however there will not be a guard on the premises. We recommend that you bring your most valuable items with you when you leave. FindersKeepers cannot be held liable in case of burglary and will not replace lost items.

After the market closes on Saturday at 5pm you must leave no later than 5.30 pm.


When you arrive at the FindersKeepers market, you have to contact a person from the FindersKeepers team, who will check you in and show you to your booth. You will also receive your exhibitor badges and a document with information. If you need to man your booth with more than two people, then contact a FindersKeepers person to get extra exhibitor badges.


Unfortunately, it is not possible for us to provide information regarding the position of your booth or show you a floor plan before we open the doors for you. From our experience, many changes can be made in the last minute and we do not want to provide you with information that might change later.


There will be access to the hall from 9am Sunday, for you to get your booth ready and filled up with fresh products. It is super important that you and your booth is TOTALLY ready by 10.30am Sunday, where the doors open again.


To ensure that also late-arriving guests on Sunday have a great experience, you’re not allowed to be packing down your products or taking down your booth until the doors have been closed Sunday at 5pm.

You then have until 6.30pm to remove everything in your booth. Before you can check-out of your booth, you will have to get approval from a FindersKeepers employee.


If you have rented tables, chairs etc. these have to be returned according to instructions from the market crew.


The booth must be completely clean and ALL trash, clothes, paper, hangers, cardboard boxes etc. on your trash must be picked up and thrown in the container. It is not okay to leave trash in the corners of the hall. EVERYTHING has to go in the container. We point out that the bins in the hall are reserved for our visitors.



It is really important that you keep an eye on your belongings at all times and that you do not leave your money, mobile phone, wallet and valuables lying around visibly, as it might be a temptation for weak souls. FindersKeepers DOES NOT replace stolen belongings.

If you do get something stolen, it is important that you notify a FindersKeepers employee so we can take action. Should you have something stolen, it is your own responsibility to contact the police and your insurance company.

During night time the venue will be locked, however we recommend you bring your most valuable items with you, when you leave. FindersKeepers cannot be held liable in case of burglary and will not replace lost items.


Remember to bring change for customers who pay in cash. We also recommend you to consider using the MobilePay app on your smart phone. You can also consider investing in a card reader such as iZettle in order to accept card payments or utilise your webshop if have one to accept payments via you laptop.


We again remind you of the cancellation and payment terms, which you accepted when submitting your application.

If we received your application more than 28 days before the market, you have 8 days to cancel from when we sent this confirmation e-mail with the approval of your application. If you apply later than 28 days before the market you cannot cancel.

If you are forced to cancel your participation it is generally not possible to get a refund if the above cancellation terms have been passed. We ask that you contact us with your cancellation, so we can see if it is possible to sell your booth to another applicant.

If you’ve been awarded a “FREE” booth, please be aware that the same cancellation terms as above are applicable. If you cancel after the deadline we will invoice you the normal price of a similar booth booth.


Address & Map

Halmtorvet 11, 1700 Copenhagen


Only loading is allowed at the square in front of and the on the roads around Øksnehallen.

When arriving by car, it is important that you unload the goods from the vehicle and then move your car to a parking space before you move your things inside. This way we ensure a smooth unloading for all exhibitors.

Nearest parking opportunities are:

  • DGI Byens Parkering house (06 – 22: 32 kr./hour, 22- 06: 10 kr./hour, Døgnbillet: 198 kr)
  • Flæsketorvet (08-18: 19 kr./hour, 18-23: 13 kr./hour, 23-08: 5 kr./hour, however free in alle zones from saturday at 17 to monday at 08).

Remember P-ticket!

Exhibitor access

Øksnehallen is accessed by the main entry towards Kvægtorvet:

About Øksnehallen

Øksnehallen is a beautiful 5000 m2 large room with charateristic columns carrying the roof construction and skylight. Places in the middle of the so called ‘brown meatpacking district’ in the middle of the vibrant Meatpacking Disctrict centrally in Vesterbro and only a stones throw from the Central Train Station.

Did we say we’re excited to see you! 😁💕