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What is included with an exhibition booth?

Unless specified otherwise, the only thing included with the booth is the floor space. If you wish to add chairs, tables, power outlets or display walls these can be rented separately. We encourage the use of display walls to enhance the visual expression of the booth – especially the designers that sell artworks, print etc.

Can I bring my own display walls/interior?

When you book a stand at FindersKeepers, only the raw square meters are included. There is the possibility to purchase tables, rear walls and electricity. This is something you do when booking. If you do not want to make purchases but bring your own installations, this is also allowed, but we need to ask for a detailed description of any rear walls and larger interior. We ask this as we weigh the overall aesthetic expression high, and since we always have to make sure that stands are not going to compromise each other’s exhibitions.

Can i share my exhibition booth with another designer?

Yes you can, but this requires an approval from FindersKeepers. If you are two designers that wish to share an exhibition booth, you have to send us a mutual application where you present both brands.

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