Recommendations for exhibitors

In the below we have gathered a number of tips for how you can get the most out of participating at a FindersKeepers market.


The success of your presence at our design markets depends on the guests that visits. At FindersKeepers we put a large effort into promoting the markets through PR, newsletters, our website and online communication channels. We highly recommend you use your participation at the market as an occasion to activate your communication channels as well. We also recommend that you invite your network to the markets via our Facebook events. The more we all communicate, the more guests we will attract, and them more success you will have.


We always recommend you make an effort to create a great look of your exhibition booth. It gives the customers a better experience and makes your brand look more professional. Do not think of your exhibition booth as a flea market booth, but more like a small pop-up shop, where you have the opportunity to customize it, so that it fits your design and visual expression. Our experience shows that exhibitors who put a strong effort into the visual appearance of their booth, tend to sell more.


If you sell clothes it is a good idea to bring one or more clothing rails. You can bring as many as you want, as long as they fit within the exhibition booth area. If you are a graphic designer or artist that sells picture, prints or paintings, it is a good idea to bring a display wall. Here you can hang your pictures and illustrations to make it more inviting and to give your exhibition booth a nice finish. If you cannot manage to bring this yourself, you can rent it from us. You can see prices in the application form or above under ’Can I rent a display wall and clothing rack?’


If you do not have a business card already, we recommend you have some made for the markets, so that you can share your contact information with customers and others who might be interested in your brand.

Furthermore, we recommend you use the way you package your products (wrapping, bags etc.) as an opportunity to build your brand experience and create an extra strong impression.