Burnt and Glazed

Sabine Skjødt Hansen and her husband Kristian Skjødt Hansen began building a studio space in 2016 after Sabine had been working with pottery for 6 years. With a background in Graphic Design and Textile, Sabine has a colorful aesthetic and an experimental approach to the patterns.

We both have very different artistic visions, but share the same passion for craft, quality and food. Our mission is to brighten homes all over the world with beautiful yet durable every-day products.

In 2018 we visited the studio of Fasano Ceramiche and fell in love with the beautiful patterns, and simple shapes. These are handmade italien pieces which is a part of the italian heritage and of every italian kitchen. We decided to make this a part of our selections of ceramics.


Aarhus 18-19 Maj 2019, Aarhus 21-22 September 2019, København 24-25 august 2019, København 9-10 November 2019