Your imagination is a limit. Simply said, there are no limits to your bespoke piece at Zefyras, a creative house of womenswear, menswear and accessories.

Founded in 2012 in Lithuania this fashion design studio has experienced tremendous success and popularity among local fashion lovers and celebrities. Their trademark – bold and always unique bomber jackets, coats and dresses made – most of it made from neoprene scraps. Zefyras took a sustainable upcycling approach and used it as a unique
selling point highly appealing for individuals who look for selfexpression.

Zefyras strive to tell their customer’s stories through the garments created, accepting their strengths and giving them what they were missing to truly love themselves and be confident.


København 7-8 marts 2020
Aarhus 24. - 25. September 2022 København 22. - 23. Oktober 2022