Market in Aarhus

JUNE 3-4, 2017
TIME: 11:00-17:00 SATURDAY & SUNDAY 


About Form and Function – ACKITE – Algan – – Amalie Rosalie – AMOV Apparel – Anne Warming – Arkiplant – Art by Austa Lea – Art by Cecilie Nyman – Artboost – Atelier Henriette Borg – BAKOBA – Bloomon – Blue Appeal Bo Tyrrestrup Design – BOYISH – Buch Studio – Butik Smuksak – Buus works – Camilla Gabriele – Clayform – COLLECT furniture – Connector Design – Daniel Silfen – Delibal – ein garten – EMERGENS – enough – erin johanna – FRIDAJOHS design studio – Gamcha – Handcraftedcph – Harald Hermanrud Studio – Hein Studio – Helena Frank Studio – Honeygold Fashion – Illustrator Sissan Richardt – Joanna Jensen Illustration – Julie Damhus Handmade – Kelim Kiosken – Kitt Dusinia – KLASSI STUDIO – Kodanska – Kontainer Copenhagen – Kuntee Studio –  Larsen & Eriksen – Lekwood – Lill Bo – Lingren Cosmetics – Little mighty & Mint – LOUISE EGEBRO – lulu’s drawer – Maagaard Design – Maardt Studio – Manipine – Maria Damgård Møller Jewellery – Matias Moellenbach – Mermaid Stories – METTE FREJVALD – MiaMayaDesign – Møbel & Rum – Nanna Fjord Jewelry – Nichba Design –  NO HEROES – Ordinary Things – Per Bo – Per Krogh – Plateaux Jewellery – PURE COMPANY –  scandinavia form – Schulz By Crowd – Shanga Jewelry –  SHEETzZz… – SISSEL EDELBO – Skovalfen – Slow Works –  STROEM Agency – SVÆRT FINT – Tales By MBC – Think About Sustainability – tragbar – Uhmm – Undula linen knitwear – URU Design – Victoria Mingot Metal – Weasel Wardrobe – wooden makings – yetanother


At FindersKeepers you can buy both Day Tickets and Weekend Tickets. When buying a Day Ticket you will get a stamp when you enter, and this gives you access to the market the entire day. When buying a weekend ticket you get a wristband, which gives you access to the market the entire weekend (both Saturday and Sunday).

We always recommend buying in presale through Billetto because your ticket will be both cheaper and you will go through the line faster.

You can always buy tickets at the door; we accept cash or credit card.

Buy your ticket here:
Day Ticket: 40 DKK presale // 50 DKK at the door
Weekend Ticket: 60 DKK presale // 70 DKK at the door
Children under 12: Free entrance

* Please note that all concerns regarding buying a presale ticket through Billetto should be addressed to Billetto. Unfortunately FindersKeepers cannot assist with concerns regarding technical errors, missing ticket confirmations etc. Therefore, you should always address Billetto directly if you experience any problems when purchasing your ticket.


How do i pay at the market?

At the entrance of the market can you pay by cash or credit card with FindersKeepers. However please note that there are specified lines that say ’cash/credit card’. The lines for pre-paid entrance such as BiIletto or VIP do not except neither cash or credit card.

Most stand holders do not accept credit card, but have the application ’Mobilepay’ or ’Swift’, so it is a good idea to download this before hand.

We can not guarantee that the designers offer this payment method, so please always remember to bring cash!

Do i need to print out my ticket before hand?

No, that is not necessary. We can scan it directly from your phone.

Can i buy food and beverages at the market?

We have plenty of options for food and drinks during the market, as we always collaborate with food trucks and coffee bars.

Can i bring my baby stroller?

Yes of course, we love kids!

Which designers can i meet?

You can se a great variety of the designers at FindersKeepers individual markets here.