Design & Food Weekend // Nordhavn


FindersKeepers X Nordhavn will be a fantastic weekend filled with design, food and a great atmosphere in the streets Aarhusgade/Travemündegade in the new Nordhavn quarter of Copenhagen. Four beautiful and raw stores with high ceilings will be filled with fantastic FindersKeepers Designers. In addition, there will be delicious streetfood and the beautiful stores of Menu Space and Plant will be open. Together we kick-off the weekend with an opening party from Friday afternoon for which we will invite press, trade professionals and the local residents.

See the presentation here and read more below.


FindersKeepers X Nordhavn offers new opportunities for how designers can market and sell their products:

  • Market your brand in a part of town where the average income is 50% higher than the rest of the city
  • An event over three days, kicked off with an opening party on Friday afternoon
  • A limited number of booths providing higher visibility and more customers per booth
  • Free entrance attracting more potential customers
  • A great opportunity to activate your own communication channels after the summer vacation


At the FindersKeepers X Nordhavn event we offer booths in sizes from 2x3m to 3x5m with the opportunity to choose booths with either 2 or 3 open sides. If you’re interested in a larger booth or have special requests please contact us to discuss your options.

The booths are placed in four raw stores, with raw concrete floors and walls. They are absolutely beautiful with amazing windows and high ceilings. As the rooms are still in their raw shell, there might be some places where the floor is not entirely smooth, there are visible wires/pipes etc.


In addition to the floor space, you can also rent booth accessories such as tables, display walls, S-hooks, and electrical outlets. We highly recommend the use of display walls to enhance the look of your booth – especially if you sell prints or artworks that needs to be hanged. Remember S-hooks if you plan to hang anything on the display walls.


For each exhibition booth you will receive two exhibitor badges providing access on the market days for yourself and one other named person. If you would like for more than two people to man your booth you can order extra badges on the application form. You will be charged a deposit of DKK 40 ex. VAT for each badge, which will be refunded when you return it before you leave the market


All prices are excl. VAT and 10% in commission of booth turnover up to DKK 25,000 and 2% above DKK 25,000 (excl. VAT).

This model only applies to this event where we will not have any income from the sales of entry tickets as for our Design Markets. On the other hand, you will – as mentioned above – have a number of unique opportunities for this specific event.


NORD 1 // 2x3m booth (1450 DKK ex VAT) + commission

NORD 2 // 2x3m corner booth w/2 open sides (1750 DKK ex VAT) + commission

NORD 3 // 2x4m booth (1950 DKK ex VAT) + commission

NORD 4 // 2x4m corner booth w/2 open sides (2350 DKK ex VAT) +  commission

NORD 5 // 3×3,5m booth w/3 open sides (4550 DKK ex VAT) + commission

NORD 6 // 3x4m booth w/3 open sides (5550 DKK ex VAT) + commission

NORD 7 // 3x5m booth w/3 open sides (6750 DKK ex VAT) + commission


Display wall rental //

Display walls 2m (640 DKK ex VAT)

Display walls 3m (840 DKK ex VAT)

Display walls 4m (1000 DKK ex VAT)

Display walls 5m (1160 DKK ex VAT)

Display walls 6m (1320 DKK ex VAT)

Power outlet rental //

Power outlet 220v 8amp (350 DKK ex VAT)

Table rental //

Table (200 DKK ex VAT)

S-hook rental // 

A set of two s-hooks (20 DKK ex VAT)