Alexandra Lyng Jewellery

Alexandra is the creative heart and soul of the brand. After working 11 years in the fashion industry as fashion designer, all circumstances happened in her life to make true her dream of designing jewellery. She started to design pieces that embrace classic elegance with a modern twist. Her signature aesthetic is defined as modern-chic style with a hint of bohemian. For Alexandra jewellery is an expression of who you are, it is personal and it should evoke a feeling. The right jewellery can completely change your mood. “I draw inspiration from people on the street, places I travel and things I love and make me feel inspired” All our pieces are made of fine metals, predominately 925 sterling silver with a very resistant and long lasting gold plating of 24 carats and 3 microns, semi-precious and precious stones. Each piece that leaves her studio has been carefully crafted and lovingly handmade. Alexandra currently lives and works in between Barcelona and Denmark.


Axel Towers 14-16 December 2018, København 10-11 November 2018