Diaz Jewellery

Diaz Jewellery is an upcoming Danish jewellery brand based in Copenhagen.

At Diaz we embrace diversity and our jewellery are designed to appeal for everyone, free of racial segregation, ethnicity and cultural identity. Our goal is to create pieces that will empower young women to feel beautiful, confident and through our brand, motivate and evoke their inner power and ability to manifest their biggest dreams.

Good quality is among our first priorities, therefore all of our products are crafted from recycled precious metals. More specifically made in 18kt gold plated sterling silver. All designed in Denmark and produced at our family-owned manufacturer in Spain.



Aarhus 23-24 April 2022, Aarhus 24-25 September 2022, Aarhus September 11-12 2021, Aarhus September 12-13 2020, København 5-6 marts 2022
Designmarked: København 25.-26. maj