Flair Copenhagen

Flair aims to create a small revolution in the classic world of silk. Aspired by the idea that quality should be for all, the designs embrace a timeless, clean everyday look, made with the most sophisticated material to touch the skin, at a fair price, one silk robe at a time.

Sustainability lies in the core of the production process, as the silk used is remaining stock from large productions in Italy, while the garments are handcrafted in Europe, avoiding overseas shipping and reducing waste of fabric.



Aarhus 21-22 September 2019, Aarhus 4-5 april, Aarhus September 12-13 2020, København 16-17 Februar 2019, København 5-6 marts 2022
Designmarked: København 17. - 18. juni - Køb billet her Designmarked: Aarhus 10. - 11. juni - Køb billet her