Fontenay design

Abbaye de Fontenay was a French monastery built in 1118. It belonged to the Cistercian Order and the many monks of the monastery were busy people. They carefully created an extensive production of wool and iron of superior quality. But times changed.

In 1820 the monastery was transformed into a paper factory. The monks vanished from the area and so did their craftsmanship. Today it is forgotten by many. Here at Fontenay Design we remember.

We are also inspired. Fontenay Design is built around the vision of bridging the gap between Nordic aesthetics and southern European quality. We make clothes for the quality conscious – and fashion devoted – individual.

In history Fontenay was also a family. The French noble family Le Sage de Fontenay. The family was Huguenots and belonged to the Protestant Reformed Church. Times were good, but then catholic powers rose and the family was left with two choices: exile or death by bonfire.

In the face of danger the Huguenots kept their faith. Many thousands escaped through Europe. Many ended up in Denmark. So did Le Sage de Fontenay. His bloodline continues to exist through Danish history.

These actions inspired the vision of Fontenay Design. Diligence and respect – for the product and for you. Superior quality. Nordic thought and design. Limited supply.

We are Fontenay Design.




København 9-10 November 2019