JAHOKO is all about ceramics from Japan, Hong Kong and Korea. Every item in the JA | HO | KO universe has been carefully selected for the Scandinavian market and is thought to complement our Nordic style. The JAHOKO philosophy is to provide you with high quality ceramics that serve a functional as well as an aesthetic purpose in your home. Let the timeless design, the simplicity and the craftsmanship fill you with joy. We hope you want to invite us into your home, to your dinner table and to your coffee breaks.



Fabrikken 2-4 dec 2022, København 02-03 december 2023, København 14-15 oktober 2023, København 22-23 Oktober 2022, København 23-24 marts 2024, København 25 26 februar 2023, København 5-6 marts 2022
Designmarked: København 25.-26. maj