KAMI Copenhagen

“Kami are the divinities, spirits and phenomena. They can be elements of the landscape,
forces of nature, or being and the qualities that these beings express.” Kami is all around us.

Kami is a Copenhagen based independent slow-fashion brand. The brand aspires to create
a safe space for self-expression, fluidity between genders and help one’s individuality shine.
A universe where a distillation of music, films and visual arts are a continuous source of
inspiration. Along with our art director, Kami continues to create stories, evolve, go back in
time, move forward in the future, acknowledge the now, keep timeless lines, and create
quality clothes crafted with carefully selected long-lasting material.

The clothes are made with a focus on fair trade, which is why the brand collaborates with
small-scale producers within the EU, in order to ensure fair working conditions, minimise our
environmental impact/carbon footprint, but also control the quality of the product and avoid
waste while producing.




København 17-18 juni 2023, København 22-23 Oktober 2022, København 25 26 februar 2023
Designmarked: København 31. august - 01. september Designmarked: Aarhus 28.-29. september