MAST Studio

Edgy and shiny are the two best words to describe the identity of MAST and their first collection.

The idea behind MAST arose the first day of spring in 2018. Stephanie & Maria talked about accessories and “girly stuff”, but couldn’t find a brand that represented this edge and shine in a proper way. They found most accessory brands too feminine and ladylike to their taste and style. Because of that, they decided to pursue their dream of creating an accessory brand to all the edgy and shiny girls, and by that dream came the first collection of MAST.

All products are chosen very carefully – MAST is created for the “edgy girls” who strive to wear edgy and cool accessories at all times.


Aarhus 18-19 Maj 2019, København 16-17 Februar 2019, København 24-25 august 2019, København 8-9 juni 2019, København 9-10 November 2019