Reevein Studio


The lifespan of a fresh cut flower is approx. 15 days. This is not very long for something that often is connected to important moments in our lives, such as funerals, weddings, anniversaries etc.

Reevein Studios is a high end category of design flowers and collectible floral pieces you can keep forever. Inspired by the fragile and beautiful nature but with an everlasting mindset. Their production is as much as possible, based on leftover and reused material. Every piece is handmade by artists and floral connoisseurs.



Aarhus 23-24 April 2022, Fabrikken 2-4 dec 2022, København 02-03 december 2023, København 14-15 oktober 2023, København 22-23 Oktober 2022, København 23-24 marts 2024, København 25 26 februar 2023
Designmarked: København 25.-26. maj