Beauty that keeps you warm.
Softest and coziest memory.
SALANIDA is love at first touch.

I dreamed of creating a sweater that becomes your second skin. A lifesaver in cold wintertime and a cosy wrap during chilly summer nights. I design with respect for earth’s colours and textures, importance of natural materials and honour artisanal work.
Our sweaters aren’t mass produced. Each sweater is knitted by artisan women using domestic knitting machines. Most of the sweaters we knit are made-to-order and carries a bit of the knitter’s energy. To master this craft a lot of talent, imagination and devotion are needed.

Our classical styles do not change seasonally, we only add new colours and few trend styles by season. We make casual, timeless quality designs that our customers want to wear again and again.

See it and feel it yourself. You will love it. Promise.

Gabriele x SALANIDA


København 10-11 November 2018