Studio Soriano

Melanie Soriano is the creator behind the Studio Soriano a garment technologist and designer with a Bachelor degree in sustainable fashion.

She wants to create a space where she can focus on using different sustainable methods in her design approche, no settleling with just a few methods but incorporating most of them like upcycling, zero waste, re-design and most importent to her social responsablity.

She was born in Nørrebro but rasied in Amager, where she spent her childhood until she moved back in her early twenties to Nørrebro. So she have a big passion for her local neighborhood and she strives to give back in any way she can to her local community.

She does that by donating to local charitys and the big dream is to create jobs within her company to the youth of Nørrebro. Providing a space for young people that otherwise dont have acces to an creative enviroment. Hopeforluyy giving them a chance for a furture within the creative workforce.



København 5-6 marts 2022