These conditions come into force when you purchase a booth or other acquisitions in connection with one of the FindersKeepers design markets. Click here if you are looking for the terms and conditions for our webshop.


All amounts are in Danish kroner (DKK) exclusive VAT.


At least 3 months before the date of the market, you will receive an invoice for your reservation. The time for payment is 8 days from when you receive the invoice. If you receive the invoice less than 8 days before the market, the payment must happen when receiving the invoice. The payment takes place via bank transfer as stated in the invoice.

If the payment happens after due date, we reserve the right to forward the collection of the dept to a third part, and the right to add interest and a reminder fee according to the Danish Interest Act §9a.


When receiving the application more than 35 days before the market, the right of cancellation period is 8 days applicable from when we send the confirmation mail with the approval of your application. Your cancellation must be sent to [email protected]. If you have settled the invoice before your cancellation, the sum will be refunded to your bank account.

When receiving the application later than 35 days before the market, the right of cancellation is renounced. If you are compelled to cancel the application when the right of cancellation period is expired, you are obliged to pay the invoice. In that case, we kindly ask you contact [email protected] with your cancellation. We will then look into whether it is possible to allocate the booth elsewhere, in which case the payment will be refunded.

If you have been assigned one of the “FREE” booths, we would like to draw attention to the fact that the same right of cancellation period as mentioned above applies. If you cancel your reservation after the right of cancellation period expires, you will be charged the standard price for a similar booth.

FindersKeepers delivers professional products and services to exhibitors on our design markets and is therefore not subject to the rules concerning ordinary consumer protection.


In case that externally imposed events of unusual kinds should cause FindersKeepers to cancel the market, FindersKeepers is exempted from providing the related services, without any contracting parts including purchasers of booths being able to make a claim against FindersKeepers. Externally imposed events could for instance be labor dispute, fire, war, terrorism, uproar, natural disasters, cloudburst, disease epidemics, considerable price or duty raise, or production or delivery difficulties, whose fault FindersKeepers cannot be blamed.

FindersKeepers is engaged to inform the exhibitors about the cancellation of the market, without undue delay. In the event of a cancellation as a consequence of the above mentioned circumstances, no refusion will be given to exhibitors.


FindersKeepers is liable for compensation of loss according to Danish laws common rules considering the following limitations.

FindersKeepers is never responsible for operation loss, loss of profits or other indirect loss. FindersKeepers’ compensation for loss can never surpass the value of the delivered services exclusive VAT.

As exhibitor, your carried belongings will be deposited and stored at your own expense and risk. FindersKeepers disclaims liability in connection with personal harm, damage to property, pecuniary loss and theft and vandalism in relation to the belongings of exhibitors caused by a third party. This applies to damages to carried products and exhibition equipment, theft, burglary, fire, water damage etc. caused by guests, other exhibitors or a third party as well. However, it does not apply to cases where the damage is caused by FindersKeepers or the staff of FindersKeepers’ intentional or grossly negligent conditions.


As exhibitor, you are with your participation obliged to appear and be ready at your booth cf. the forwarded information. If you refrain from appearing without notifying us before Thursday before the market, we reserve the right to charge you a no-show fee of DKK 2,500 exclusive VAT.

As exhibitor you are obliged to leave your booth completely clear cf. the directions of the staff. If there is any garbage left at your booth or outside the specified area, we reserve the right to charge you a cleaning fee of DKK 2,500 exclusive VAT.

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