Keyna Jewellery

Keyna is a high quality, sustainable jewellery brand with unique designs that values craftsmanship. All jewellery is made from recycled metal and is made to order.

Nicole is behind Keyna Jewellery. Making things and being creative has always been a passion of Nicole’s, and after studying gold and silver smithing in Milan, she fell in love with the process.

She wanted to create collections that were not only unique in style but also make pieces sustainably and find ways to be kind to the planet and the people on it.

It was important to her that the sustainable side was carefully considered and that all elements in the business were thought about. From the jewellery itself which is made with recycled metals and sourced in ways that do not support the mining industry, to the packaging which is made from recycled paper, and can also be recycled, supporting the environment and efforts in limiting waste.



København 22-23 Oktober 2022
Designmarked: København 23.-24. marts Designmarked: Aarhus 13. - 14. april