Manelleh sells handmade interior, accessories and gifts from social and Fair Trade Enterprises that empower marginalized women.  Manelleh is a purpose-driven business, where every purchase makes a difference. Every time you buy a product from Manelleh, you contribute to more women having proper, meaningful and dignified jobs. Your purchase helps to make a lasting and positive difference for the women and their families.

Manelleh can make a difference for women through their way of doing business. That is the foundation of their business. The core of their business is that they work closely with all their partners around the world. That way they know how every single product is made, who it is made of, and what the women get paid. And thus they ensure that women have a responsible wage level and a proper working environment.

Their purpose is clear. They want to raise the standard of living and create proper, meaningful and dignified jobs for women all over the world. They want to give women the opportunity to be independent and live a life free from poverty. Give them the opportunity to earn their own money, send their children to school, live a life free from prostitution, discrimination, insecure and low-paid jobs, and free from physical or sexual violence.




København 17-18 juni 2023, København 22-23 Oktober 2022
Designmarked: København 14.-15. oktober Designmarked: Aarhus 18. - 19. november