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FindersKeepers Design Markets are Denmarks largest and most popular markets for both consumers and professionals. From all new and smaller designers, to more established design brands, FindersKeepers provides a unique opportunity for you to promote your brand, sell your products and build relations to design interested consumers, professionals and other colleagues within the design field.



AARHUS // 18-19 MAY



Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have an application deadline?

We do not have a application deadline, we select and evaluate as we go. But we do however urge you to apply as soon and early as possible as we have a limited number of stalls.

I have sent you an application, when can I expect to hear back from you?

After you click “apply” the following page will show a confirmation of your application. Once we have received your application we will process it ourselves and with our jury.

We process applications on an ongoing basis and as soon as it has been decided if your application can be approved we will send you a message. In this you will be informed of which exhibition booth category we can offer you.

Important – You do not have a booth until you have received a final confirmation email on your booth. Once you have been awarded a booth you will receive an invoice within few days. As soon as the invoice is paid, your booth is guaranteed.

Can I share my exhibition booth with another designer?

Yes you can, but this requires an approval from FindersKeepers. If you are two designers that wish to share an exhibition booth, you should submit one shared application where you present both brands.

What kind of exhibition booth can I apply for?

FindersKeepers offers three different categories of exhibition booths: DESIGN, SUPERBOOTH and NEWKEEPER. Click on “Booth categories, add-ons and prices” above to read more.

Can I rent a table, chair, display walls and clothing rack?

Yes you can 🙂

The table measures 80 x 180 cm.

Our display walls are 2,20 m in height, 19 mm deep and are made from black MDF. We recommend everyone that wish to exhibit artworks, prints or want to shield their exhibition booth to rent display walls. It gives a great aesteic expression and fits very well with the FindersKeepers visual identity.

Clothing rack rental is only possible in Copenhagen.

What is a NewKeeper exhibition booth and who can apply?

Our NewKeeper exhibition booths are for the small fishes that have not participated in our market before.

The large Superbooths release economy so that we can offer the cheaper exhibition booths to the smallest fish. So to be eligible for this category – you have not participated in our market before and you should be entirely new and up and coming. Exactly like we love you.

You apply in the same way as anyone else, but pick NewKeeper as your 1. priority in the application form. We always have a number of free exhibition booths within the NewKeeper category earmarked – so be quick if you wish to be considered for this.

What is included with an exhibition booth?

Unless specified otherwise, the only thing included with the booth is the floor space. If you wish to add chairs, tables, power outlets or display walls these can be rented separately. We encourage the use of display walls to enhance the visual expression of the booth – especially the designers that sell artworks, print etc.

How many are allowed on my/our exhibition booth?

You can choose to be by yourself in your exhibition booth or share it with one other designer. The two seller signs are for the same two people the entire weekend. This means that if you want more people to help you in your exhibition booth during the event, you need to buy an extra entrance and place a deposit of 50 DKK for the exhibitor badge (which will also be refunded at the end of the market).

Can I give entrance tickets to customers, friends and family?

You have the option to buy up to 25 extra entrance tickets to give out to family, friends and customers. You purchase these with a special code on Billetto.

Can I bring my own display walls/interior?

You are welcome to bring your own interiors and walls. For walls and other larger pieces you are required to provide us with a description so we can ensure fire safety and the overall aesthetic expression of the market.

What is the deadline for cancelling?

You have 8 days from receiving a confirmation email on your participation, where it is possible to cancel. This is regardless of the time of the invoice. After the deadline, you are required to pay the invoice regardless of whether you can participate or not. This applies until 28 days before the market is held, at which time it is not possible to cancel. If you e.g. apply for a booth 30 days before the market you then have 2 days to cancel for a refund. Please note, your cancellation is not confirmed until you have received an email confirmation.

It is generally not possible to receive a refund, from the time the payment is binding or you have paid for your participation. If you’re not able to participate after all, you may contact us and we will then investigate if it is possible to sell your booth to another applicant. If this is not possible, you cannot get a refund even if you do not participate in the market.

If you’ve so lucky to be awarded a free NewKeeper booth, please be aware that the same timelines for cancellations as above are applicable. If you cancel after the deadline we will invoice you for the price of a category 1 booth.

Where can I find practical information about the market?

Once we have registered your payment you will receive an information email with all the practical information regarding your participation. In this email, you will find information on setup and dismantling.

Do i need to be VAT registred?

No – you are more than welcome no matter what!